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Protect Your Health, Realize Your Boundaries
Don't Be a Victim Anymore
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Love Yourself First

Love, relationships, and friendships are not always easy.  We will struggle if we have a weak foundation built by a lack of self worth or low self esteem. In this case, we may try to overcompensate and love others too much, creating a weak relationship.  Isn't loving someone too much just more of a good thing, you may ask?  Unfortunately, it isn't if it stems from a lack of self-love and therefore you end up replacing your own lack of self worth by giving it to someone else.

Practice Love

When someone is a doctor, they say that they are in the "practice" of medicine.  And I say, we should all be in the "practice" of love our whole lives.  It is the answer to true healing.

Love is a living thing.  It grows when you water it and it dies when you don't.  Let's take a marriage for example.  Why do you think people say marriage takes work?  Because you have to water it every single day to keep it as strong as possible.  It is constantly in a state of flux, change, and growth (or death).

Protect Your Health, Realize Your Boundaries

Do you know that your energetic boundaries are important to maintain if you want to stay healthy?  In modern society, we might call it the immune system.  In Chinese medicine, we might call it your "wei qi," or protective energy that keeps us warm and free of common colds and flu viruses.  But there's another way of looking at your energetic boundaries.  It's your emotional boundary.  Not realizing where we end and where another person begins may drain our energy.

Don't Be a Victim Anymore

Many of us begin to play the 'victim role' early in life and have no idea that we still continue to invite these situations into our lives.  We might wonder why we keep having to deal with tough relationships with those around us and wish that these relationships would flow easier and be less of a drain on us.  But one thing we need to ask is, "Am I assuming the victim role and drawing these situations into my life?"  I know it sounds illogical, and logically speaking, you would think: but I should

Anxiety Epidemic

This Thanksgiving I was most thankful for the healing session I was able to have

with my cousin. My cousin is 19 years old studying psychology at the University

of Redlands. After a day of snowboarding he had asked me if I would give him

acupuncture on his sore shoulder. Since I never leave home without my needles, I

was more than happy to help. After I put the needles in for his shoulder, intuition

told me to look at his tongue. The sides and tip of his tongue were so bright red that

I couldn’t hold over my normally calm and neutral face when I exclaimed “whoa


Today is my husband’s 33rd birthday. I gave him a kiss and watched him leave early this morning bounding with excitement as he left with his friends on a snowboarding trip. I have always looked up to my husband for doing what he loves and having a sense of carefree expression. He has never lost connection with his inner child and he has amazingly been able to make being an artist his career, and he loves it. I watch his life and notice that not one part of it is stagnant; he is constantly growing, evolving, busting through obstacles, and creating.

Concerning Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are rampant today.  The issue is not just with those that are obviously suffering from the disease.  It is also with those that are silently suffering.  From past experience, I found that it is important to ask ourselves if we have any fear regarding food, weight gain, or weight loss.  The way that we feel about food is what creates the dis-ease. Whether we have a positive or negative relationship with food can create good or bad health. A healthy positive relationship to food can boost our immune systems and give us more energy.

First Open House

Angela Kung Acupuncture Clinic and Wellness Center is having it's first Open House on Saturday, June 22nd, from 10am-1pm.  It is a way for people to get to know our staff and understand the services that we provide.  During the Open House, all of our services, including acupuncture, massage, reiki, hypnosis, life coaching or intuitive readings, and facials using Dr. Murad products will be offered free of charge in 15 minute mini-sessions.  

The sign up sheet is almost full, so the event has already been a success in my eyes!

Wisdom Brings Healing

It is so amazing to see someone transform from self-sabotage to self-love.  It is when they make this shift that I smile deeply, knowing that they are now moving in the right direction.  It doesn't matter how long it takes or how they get to where they're going, so long as they are able to discern the new path from the old one... the new one being different in that it is lighted with wisdom.  Much of the healing force is learning; perhaps that is why the word "doctor" comes from the old Latin verb "to teach.

Letting go of ego

Just when you feel like you've let go of your ego, there's more.   There's always more!  Working through your own issues might seem impossible or just not worth it, but there is so much reward waiting on the other side of the lesson.  Whether it's forgiveness your heart needs, or pain you need to let go of, don't give up the fight.  We are here on this earth to persevere and learn the spiritual lessons that we are "karmic-ally" here to face.  

Is Your Love Unconditional?

Unconditional love is very difficult to come by.  From a young age, we have absorbed cultures, customs, traditions, stereotypes, judgements, and criticisms into our ways of thinking.  It is only with great insight that we might realize that some of our ways of thinking have a negative impact on our energy and on those around us.  With courage, we can begin the process of transforming the way we think. 

It may be that we try to love someone, but it is within the conditions that still have a hold on us.

Spiritual Inspiration: Where Does It Come From?

Everybody's on a spiritual journey.  It's like this ladder we must climb that connects us to reach our highest potential.  And even though we feel insecure sometimes, and need to lean on others for help, we realize eventually that we still have to climb this ladder ourselves.  We also see that since it's up to us to climb our own ladders, it's also up to others to climb their own ladder too.  We can't lean on people forever, just like we shouldn't enable others to lean on us forever.  If we truly love ourselves, we will gather the strength to climb our own ladder.  And if we truly love others, we will stop trying to push them up their ladders and stand on the sidelines where we belong, cheering them to climb.  It is those whom are higher up on their own ladders that we can really learn from in life and become inspired... not to climb their ladders, but to climb our own.  

Transform To Love Part I

If there is someone in your life that truly bothers you, irritates and frustrates you, think of them as an angel in your life, teaching you lovingkindness, compassion, and patience.  We are all here to learn, and that person is in our lives for the very reason that we can learn and grow. 

It may be that they remind you of something within you that you have denied and deemed unworthy.  It is up to you to look within and find out if you have been critical and judgemental of yourself, and then turn that around to unconditional love and acceptance.

The road to health is different for everyone

Through the journey of my own healing, I have discovered that everyone has their own path toward health and wellness and no path is exactly the same.  Just like two people can go to the same high school, they will each have two different and unique experiences. 

We are all different beings with our unique perceptions of the world, unique personalities, unique experiences, etc. The path toward optimal health and wellness is therefore best approached at the individual level.  Just because someone else benefited from acupuncture (or hypnotherapy, or massage, or chiropractic, or surgery, or whatever)  from so-and-so doesn't mean that it is the best option for you too.

Start the New Year on a Good Foot - a Balanced Foot!

2011 is just around the corner and it's time to reflect and think about New Year Resolutions!  The lifestyle that we live can usually invite some improvements, and crossing over into the new year can be a great time to make some of those changes.  That's because a lot of us are able to take some time off from work over the holidays and spend time relaxing with loved ones.  We remember how wonderful and joyous life is again.  How wonderful it is to feel balanced!

Being caught up in the tornado of work and stress can make it difficult to remember how to take care of ourselves and we often forget to give ourselves time to play and have fun.

December Madness

Hello Everyone!

The holidays are right around the corner and the December madness to get all of your holiday shopping is at an all time peak, that is of course, unless you've finished early and are one of the lucky ones that have already started relaxing into the holiday spirit party mode.

The holiday season can be a time of happiness for some and sadness for others.  Whether you're celebrating a new grandchild or have recently lost a family member, the holidays can ignite different emotions in different people.

Staying Healthy During the Change in Season

It's November and we're finally getting some colder weather.  Let's try and stay healthy by preventing ourselves from getting sick and catching those colds. 

  1. Stay warm.  Bundle up when it's windy and cold by wearing hats and scarves.  Drink warm drinks like hot herbal tea instead of iced cold water and soda.
  2. Get more rest.  Less daylight hours and more hours of darkness means our bodies naturally want more rest.  Get more sleep at night by going to bed by 10 pm and free up your daily schedule with little breaks here and there, maybe even for a little nap.
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