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Acupuncture For Treating Anxiety and Depression
September 17, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center

While acupuncture is typically known for its ability to treat neck pain, arthritic pain, muscle spasms, and other physical aches, the practice is also a proven method of treating several mental illnesses and disorders. This includes OCD, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety, all of which can be treated at Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Mission Viejo, California.

How Does Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture is harmless, painless, and precise. The thin, delicate needles used during acupuncture are placed in particular points on the body by a trained professional, correcting imbalances. Once we have more information about you, your health, and the imbalances you're feeling in your body, we'll decide exactly where we should perform the acupuncture to best restore your body's energy balance and homeostasis.

While acupuncture may be more popularly known for its ability to treat physical symptoms, acupuncture as a practice doesn't separate the mental from the physical. Undoubtedly, depression and anxiety have direct correlations to how you're able to function in your body day to day, including:

• Nightmares

• Insomnia

• Exhaustion

• Headaches

• Digestive Issues

In treating anxiety and depression with acupuncture, these physical ailments will be targeted as well. At Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center, we go beyond treating symptoms. We want to help you heal pain, address the core issues, and embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

One of the best things about acupuncture is that it's completely natural and non-toxic for your body. The natural power of the practice, combined with Angela Kung's peaceful atmosphere and custom treatments, will have you feeling rejuvenated both physically and mentally.

Using Acupuncture Alongside Additional Treatment

Acupuncture, like any form of treatment, isn't a magical solution. Acupuncture is best used in conjecture with other efforts to address depression and anxiety, such as medication, counseling, or any other methods discussed by you and your doctor.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, with over 18% of the country suffering from it. We want to help people through their journies by easing symptoms and offering relief. Acupuncture is proven to help with the mental stressors that come with depression and anxiety disorders, including:

• Low Self Esteem

• Irritation

• Memory Issues

• Focus

• Procrastination

We also offer additional healing methods of our own at Angela Kung's. This includes massage therapy, reiki, emotional clearing, chakra balancing, spiritual counseling, and more! We can provide you with custom treatment plans that target you and all of your needs

Is Acupuncture Right For You?

If you're unsure if acupuncture is the right treatment method for you or a loved one, don't worry! We offer consultations completely free of charge. We want you to be able to ask any and all questions on your mind. Our founding philosophy is "Love is Medicine," and we want to bring that medicine to you.

We also have same-day appointments and happily welcome walk-ins! Please feel free to reach out to us for any additional information. You can email us at, or call us at (949) 420-1338.

Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center is located in Mission Viejo, CA 92691 US, at 27405 Puerta Real, Ste 210, Second Floor. We hope to hear from you soon!