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Case Review

Discover why you’re suffering from your health issues and get them resolved by the root cause.


A Case Review is where we help you figure out why you have your symptoms and get you on the good path to resolving them.  It is an in-depth analysis to figure out what the root of the problem is by discovering which organ systems are out of balance, why blood labs or hospital imaging is abnormal, how emotional and physical traumas may have played a role, and customizing an intuitive care plan to start your journey to attain true results. Oftentimes it can be very disheartening to receive a diagnosis and still not understand why you have it. If you’ve been tired of not getting any answers, or no longer want to take medications, if surgery is your only option, or if nothing else is working, you should consider getting a Case Review. 

A Case Review Appointment is a 90 minute treatment where the miracles begin.  Puzzle pieces are put together and each patient will gain the knowledge and empowerment to understand his or her health with clarity and confidence. 


Patients need to: Fill out the Case Review paperwork and book a Case Review Appointment either in person or over zoom.