Energy Healing: Angel's Touch
May 21, 2020 at 7:00 AM
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Do you believe in miracles?

Energy Healing: Angel's Touch

Many patients with pain, inflammation, nerve pain, radiating pain, pain from an injury, pain from a gradual onset, or pain from an accident such as a bike accident or a car accident have benefited from this special modality of energy healing called my Signature Angel's Touch.  

How did Angel's Touch come into being you ask?  Well, it is something rooted in me innately and I learned to hone it and apply it through guidance by spirit and the higher power.  Since I was a very young child, I harnessed a gift for healing that came through my hands that I knew how to build and attain.  It came through silent connecting, perhaps meditation, and was always stronger when my energy was balanced, exercised appropriately, and strengthened through healthy living and eating.  Always finding myself massaging others and having a deep fascination for natural healing and for the human body, I attended massage school thirteen years ago.  It was after massage school that I began to practice and learn that the lighter I touched, the more profound the energy would flow through me and into the patient.  It was as if the touch became less physical and more spiritual in nature.  It was like my spirit energy was directly connecting to the spirit of the patient.  

When I was being directed to do more of this work, I was ecstatic over the miraculous outcomes for the patients.  They were experiencing instant healing.  Nerves becoming unpinched and pain becoming relieved, usually between 75-100% after only 1 session!  During the sessions I would see the patient go into a Theta brainwave, and it would seem that they would become hypnotized and go into such a deep state of relaxation and healing.  I believe this is so that they can get out of the way and allow the healing to come through as the body knows how to heal itself given the right environment.  I would see the natural adjustments of the spine as if they were being chiropractically adjusted, but all these movements were happening before my eyes without doing any of the adjustments.  I would see large ones that pass through the entire body and the whole person would be flip flopping on the table, or small ones where the releases were small but so precise.  Whether there were few or many, small or large, the body always did exactly what it needed, because the divine energy that flowed through me into the patient was doing the healing, not me.  I was the vessel.  I was the vessel that was guided as to where to lay my hands, where to place my fingers, where to go next as if the body was giving me a code to follow.  

The amazing part about this work is that it is not just a physcial experience.  I would experience the emotions and even the ages of the patient when they trapped these emotions.  I would experience their deep sadness or their traumas in a way that I acknowledged the pain, touched the pain, talked to the pain, and became the very portal for the pain to be released.  The patient would usually say afterward: I don't know what you did but I feel so much lighter and so much better.  A week later they would tell me: I no longer have these emotional issues anymore and I feel so much happier!  

Wow, is all I have to say.  Wow because the divine healing that occurs is so miraculous, and how lucky am I to be a vessel for this healing work that allows me to elevate others into a higher frequency of living.  When patients no longer struggle with the PTSD, or insomnia, or anxiety, or panic attacks.  When patients' depression lifts, their pain is gone, or they experience joy in things they couldn't before.  When patients' suddenly feel and see major life changes in their career, their relationships with a loved one or a bully at work or school, these changes are nothing short of a miracle.  

The best way to describe the Angel's Touch energy healing is a combination of craniosacral therapy, chakra balancing, reiki, qi-gong energy healing, meditation, and zero balancing.  It is a journey for the patient to come back to his core self, subtracting trauma physical or emotional, realigning the spirit to the organs and the body again, and living from the true divine and free nature of the soul.  

I'm so thankful that there is always a way for someone to heal.  If you believe it, it can happen!