Finding The Higher Purpose Of Our Struggles
April 21, 2020 at 2:00 PM
by Angela Kung
Finding The Higher Purpose Of Our Struggles

If jobs have been cut or stopped, financial stress also can rear it's ugly head. So imagine this on top of an already shaky foundation; meaning if someone already has fears, anxieties, worries. If someone already has depression, panic attacks, family relationship issues. If someone already struggles with the way they feel about their own place in this world. Yes, this can cause one to spiral.

Here comes the good news. There is always goodness in everything - we just need to get better at seeing it. Our perspective is everything. And although one's situation may very well be extremely hard, there is always a way to turn things around by understanding that every struggle has a higher purpose. The higher purpose might be to improve communication with a loved one, and the struggle is the very reason and push to work out old traumas or habitual patterns of poor communication from the past (perhaps childhood). These patterns can even be inherited! The higher purpose could also be to experience hard things so that once you part the clouds you have developed the understanding, compassion, and tools to help others through similar issues. The higher purpose might be to realize one's ability to change their fate by changing their belief systems and thought patterns, perhaps realizing that "just because my parents had limiting beliefs about money, I don't have to have them."

If we can only see that the struggles we face here are our goldmines, we can increase our faith in ourselves and our future with a positive outlook, knowing that we can solve the issues we face and work through them. If we can only see that the very struggles are here for our own good and that they support our growth, we can look at them with a sense of passion, such as a project we are consistently tending to. If we can only see life as a spirit school that offers so much experiential learning, and if we can only see the many lessons of love, self-love included, we can strengthen our resolve to do the work.

By no means will I sugar coat life as being easy, but I will say this: It gets easier and easier if we consistently do the work. And by "work" for all intents and purposes of this blog, I mean to say that you have the power to change your perspective. You can see the good in what is happening today in the world. You can see the blessings in this time of the Corona Virus. You can see the lessons that you currently face are here to help you grow. You can see the purpose of why things are the way they are. You can see that you have the ability to change your reality by changing your perspective. And lastly, you can see the truth that having a positive perspective allows more positive manifestations in your life!

I pray for you and your families at this time to be well in every way. I pray that you will seek help when you need it. I pray that you will see the blessings in all things!

With Light, Love, and Many Blessings,

Angela Kung