New Patient

Please complete these forms below prior to your first visit with us. The Temperature letter is vital information for your initial treatment.


Thank you!

Dear Patient,


I'd like to bring to your attention how important it is to be living with a healthy body temperature.  Our bodies' temperatures should rise and fall depending on the time of day with our day and nighttime hormones.   However, most of us are not hormonally balanced which affects our temperatures and causes health issues.  And since top endocrinologists are seeing a correlation between thyroid issues and temperatures at or below 97.5°, it is important to know where you stand because we can help!  Therefore, please check your temperatures at home before your first visit or Case Review.  

Ensuring healthy temperatures helps to resolve chronic diseases and unwanted health symptoms, such as fatigue, poor digestion, bloating, and brain fog.  Because Chinese medicine has the power to balance your hormones and improve low core temperatures, it is extremely helpful for you to do a bit of homework with an oral thermometer and jot down some numbers before we get started!


First Check: As soon as you wake up, before you've risen out of bed. 

(This temperature should be between 97.5 and 97.9.)


Second Check: About 30 minutes after you've gotten out of bed.  

(This temperature should increase from the first one by half a degree.) 


Third Check: Midday between 1-3 PM.  (This temperature should ideally be 98.6.)


Thank you and we look forward to a beautiful journey of healing and light with you.  


Angela Kung 

CEO, Medical Director, L.Ac, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer