10 year ANNIVERSARY - A Milestone To Remember

November 1st, 2010 was the opening day of Angela Kung Acupuncture. I was fresh out of school and had spent the last 6 months studying for the California Acupuncture Board Exam. It was one of the hardest and most stressful things I've done in my life, I must say, however it was well worth it! After all the stress, I later found out that I had passed the exam with flying colors (I might have been called an overachiever by some), and I was just so excited when I got the news. By the time I received my actual license in the mail, I had already been interviewed and was getting ready to go to work at someone else's clinic. However, in the four years of study at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, I had consistently planned to start my own business. But when the time came for me to shine, my nerves began to speak up. Maybe some experience before I start wouldn't be a bad idea?

Little did I know, Divinity would step in and shut that door in my face. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was not to work for someone - my calling was to start something that would positively change lives the way I was being guided. I literally found myself shuffling through the grueling process of researching places to start my own practice. The very first place I found was listed as a single room for rent in an office/medical building in Mission Viejo. I was dating someone at the time, a chiropractor student from my University, who had family in that South Orange County area. (In retrospect, all of this had been divinely planned.) I showed my boyfriend the online listing and he immediately said that it is a great area and we should go take a look at it. I called and made an appointment. And yes, it was perfect - a one room rental out of a two-room psychotherapy office. And that's how I began.

There were so many things to undertake and overcome; it was extremely scary at first. Buying equipment, decorating, marketing, starting my first website, and then trying to understand medical insurance and billing. When there's a will, God always provides a way if it's meant to be! After some hard work I began to see a few patients a week, and by the end of the first two months I was able to actually afford the office rent there - yay! It was only a short year later that I began to dream every time I walked down the office hallway, where on my way to the restrooms I would excitedly steal peeks into the empty suite of 210. It was large and gorgeous with huge windows that offered a beautiful view, and was located just across from the elevator. I was in love with the space and constantly imagined how I would set it up, how I would decorate, and knew I would call it my own.

A few months later I began to take my dream more seriously by inquiring just how much the space would cost, and yes it was alarming considering I was only paying rent on a single room within a suite. My boyfriend at the time came up with the brilliant idea of asking if they could partition the space and rent half of it to me. The landlord agreed, put up a wall, and created a separate suite for the space I wouldn't use, and the rest... well, it became mine! This was a major upgrade - from one room to four treatment rooms, a tiny kitchen, a little waiting area and front desk. I was over the moon as this became my office space for the next four years.

Then in 2016, I once again had a prompting to finally knock down the partition. The tenant who was renting that space had been there a long while and decided to vacate, so it was my opportunity to take it over. Again another huge undertaking as I designed a custom front desk, opened up the kitchen space, created a storage/dressing room, and added two more treatment rooms giving me a total of six. I was able to open up the front area and create a gorgeous waiting room that I decorated with a chandelier, TV, and fireplace. It was a dream come true. The exhaustion I felt to meet timelines while still running a practice I will never forget. The mental and physical stress, the noise and the construction while still trying to see was all worth it as I passionately danced into the creative process of it all. I felt so divinely guided and inspired.

And here I am now, December of 2020, just arriving home from a gorgeous celebration of my company's 10 Year Anniversary. This event represented years of effort, courage, strength, perseverance, passion and fight to bring natural healing into the lives of many. It took this event for me to reflect on just how much I had been through and overcome with this company, and how much it truly means to me. My relationship with the wellness center today has grown immensely over the years as it reflects my own personal growth. I have healed so much over the years, and I can not wait to help more people live through their own healing journey. I feel an immense amount of freedom, joy, and Divine healing and love circulating and permeating the energy of the company. This makes me so incredibly proud and happy.

Celebrating this 10 year anniversary is a huge milestone, because, wow, I did it! I followed my dreams and here I am. My newest dream is even bigger and will be coming to fruition in the near future. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my story so I can take it all in. After so much of my own healing work, I realize the value in acknowledging oneself and one's own accomplishments. It is very healing and powerful for me to say to myself -I AM PROUD OF ME. I thank myself for having the courage to follow my dreams and I thank God for everything else. Angela Kung Acupuncture & Wellness Center is a reflection of who I am and what I believe.

Going into this new year with a new vision, I am blessed to have an amazing staff that bring their talents, collective vision, inspiration and dedication to help keep the positivity and success flowing. We are a company of dreams, hopes, miracles, intuition, healing and ingenuity.

10 years of miracles in the books and many, many more coming your way!

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