Children with Anger, Hyperactivity, and Sleep Disorders

Throughout the past 10 years of practice, I have been blessed to see many youth and teens, more specifically, many children under the age of 10. These patients often come in with issues that have been driving their parents crazy. Tantrums, rage, ADHD, sleep disorders including nightmares or sleep walking, and difficulties with controlling their emotions and cooperating with others. I have a passion for children, and it is always an honor to be in the presence of any child -especially when I am given an opportunity to get to know them, understand them, learn why they are suffering, and help them resolve their issues.

What I have found throughout my career, is that children don't want to act out or have these issues, they are suffering from lack of control due to trauma and things that are completely out of their control. For instance - one four year old child was having silent seizures, difficulty in regulating her glucose and temperature, and was having outbursts of anger several times per day. The child also suffered from sleep issues and lacked patience as well as the ability to cooperate with her siblings. Through Spiritual Alignment work, it was discovered that they had trauma in the womb as well as during the birth process that needed to be cleared. The child's brain and systems needed to connect where they lacked the full development to have full maturation and activation (causing the seizures) and reinstate the ability to regulate her glucose levels and temperature. After the session, the mother relayed the issues she herself suffered during the pregnancy and birth. I was able to clear the mother of these issues which in turn allowed the blocks between mother and child to clear. Thus, enabling trust and deeper bonds to form between them. This wonderful experience has allowed the child to be very peaceful, patient, and cooperating with her siblings. The child has not had any seizures, sleep has been so much better, and the two are more stable in their connection and communication.

Another case was a three year old child who threw massive tantrums, putting the mother at her wits end. After one Angel's Touch session, the child went home and later woke up telling the mother that "Ms. Angela took the stickies out of me". Concerned, she asked what the stickies were, the child responded "they were sticking knives in his throat and telling him to do bad things." I have recently talked to the mother and she relays that the child still remembers that day with awe and the problem went away and never came back.

In addition, a seven year old who suffered from tics, hyperactivity, sleep walking and difficulty staying asleep became a healing for the whole family (which usually will occur as issues are usually larger than one person and healing the entire family is extremely effective if each individual in that family are to thrive). Clearing traumas and negative energy from each family member, their home, and helping the dynamics of the family as a whole has been extremely rewarding. The seven year old is doing so much better and is much more at peace after clearing her traumas in the womb. Mother relayed the stress and issues she was suffering during the pregnancy and I was able to help her with clearing that. Mother is able to relax more and father is finding more peace and healing as well, both of whom have untold effects on the child.

A final case example, was a pregnant mother with two months left until her due date who was unable to connect to her baby. She emotionally neglected the baby, which was harmful to herself as well, she was neglecting her own needs stay healthy for herself and her pregnancy. It got to the point where she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and had some prolapsing issues. During our session, when I tuned in, I noticed that the baby had major trauma that needed to be cleared. This trauma was what had caused it to feel abandoned and neglected. Once that was cleared, and the mother's trauma and negative emotions were cleared, mother and baby were finally able to unite and bond. Seeing the mother work through this was extremely rewarding!

Those that reach out to me for this type of healing are usually

1) seeking natural ways to heal

2) have exhausted mainstream medical avenues including medication and psychotherapy

3) they are spiritual and open-minded to energy healing that defies the logic we sometimes cling to in our left brains. If you are ready to take a leap of faith into a world of healing, love, joy, connection, and peace that you deserve, I reach out my hand to you. I'd love to open your mind to the infinite wonder and possibilities that this type of healing can offer. It is fun, instant, and absolutely painless. Just one caveat: you might enter into a state of immense joy and peace!

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