Developing Your Intuition

Do you have a strong intuition? If not, here are some great tips to help you get more in touch:

Everyone has access to this 6th sense ability, but like any muscle in your body, it needs to be used and exercised to become very advantageous and useful in your life. Imagine having full access to your logical mind and adding in your intuitive abilities - you'd be a very powerful person! If you're not sure you have intuition, I promise you that you do.

Here are my top 3 reasons why using intuition can improve your life:

1) Intuition brings higher awareness of when you might need a change or some improvements in your life, such as in your career or relationships. We can't shift or progress if we aren't aware of our wants and needs.

2) Intuition helps you recognize when you're moving in the right direction and supports better decision-making to be on the right path for you and your highest good.

3) Intuition improves your level of happiness, joy, peace, and overall health and wellness by being more aware of what you need at any given moment.

We are all spirits in nature, living in a physical body with mental and emotional wiring, as well as intrinsic gifts and talents unique to each of us. We can use all of these complex functions to connect to a deeper sense within our core selves to "know" things, "feel" things, and "hear" things. Intuition gives us the additional support we need to make better choices in life, allowing for better balance, improved health, increased calmness and peace, and gifts us a smoother existence.

6 Great Tips to Tap In, Develop, and Strengthen To Your Intuition

1) You've heard of IQ before - how about EQ? EQ stands for emotional quotient, or emotional intelligence, and is the measure of how you identify emotions, both in yourself and in others. Increase your emotional intelligence by asking yourself each day how you are feeling and journaling that response. This simply starts and strengthens your connection and awareness to your feelings.

As you begin to sort out your feelings, you may be surprised at what emotions begin to come up for you. Recognize trends of emotions in your life, and figure out if your feelings match that of someone close to you, and if they are working to your benefit. As you learn more about yourself in this way, you will begin to decipher whether your emotions are truly your own or if they are absorbed from others. If they are your own, you can dig deeper, work on them, and figure out what the root of the emotion is (past trauma or present issue). Or, if they are someone else's, give yourself permission to let them go.

2) It may seem like a small thing, but ask yourself what you feel like wearing each day - what color, style, and material feels good for you? This can take time as you are tapping in beyond your conscious mind. Do this even if you believe you are destined to wear the same color all the time, or believe that creative clothing and colors are not you. Yes, you are a creative being, and your intuition may lead you somewhere your conscious mind would never consider going!

3) As you become more in tune with your intuition, begin asking yourself each day what you feel like eating. Rather than eating what your logical mind says is good for you, intuitive eating is a practice that allows your body, mind, and spirit to tell you what you need, which improves your health and joy. Your conscious and logical mind might have you eat the same thing you eat for lunch every Tuesday, but your intuition could tell you that it wants something else. If you listen and give it a chance, your body will speak (eventually, if not right away). This allows you to invite more joy into your life through taste, as well as more vitality, health, and wellness by relieving a vitamin or mineral deficiency your conscious mind did not know but your body intelligence did.

4) Take time to breathe, process your day, and meditate, even if it's only for a few minutes at a time. This will help you pay attention to your body by slowing down your mind and breath. All it takes is a check-in with your body to recenter yourself. Short meditations are extremely effective.

5) Be kind to yourself. Become aware of your relationship to your inner self - have you been judging yourself, putting yourself down, or ignoring/neglecting yourself? Work with a professional to release your childhood traumas that are causing these behaviors. You can't hear your true self and what it's trying to tell you if you are bullying yourself or self-sabotaging.

6) Get connected to the wondrous nature around you. Practice your green thumb with a plant, love and care for an animal, take more walks or hikes, or open your mind and heart to the vibrations of the earth. Since our bodies are made of earthly elements, that's where your body thrives - in nature. Natural lighting and fresh air improve our well-being and help us to get back to who we truly are.

The gateway to improving your intuition simply comes from the desire to do so. If you are curious and leave an open door, magic can happen for you.

If you would like to learn more about how to deeply connect with yourself and your intuition, I highly recommend getting on a journey of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing. When these intentions are combined, you can quickly get on a great path in life. We invite you to our sacred space of healing to try any of our treatments to support your path of creating a life of strong intuitive powers and guidance.

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