Divine Synchronicity

Did you know that it’s possible to live in divine synchronicity?

What does that even mean?

Let me try and explain by asking you this -have you ever felt like good things are happening to you and working out in your favor, and you just feel really good? You are not quite sure or why, you just know that things are working for you and not against you. It is when you feel your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and of course your higher power work together in orchestrating things to align your world for your benefit. This is exactly what living in divine synchronicity means.

With that said, the power to using this divine network of support is to start believing in it and then asking for help. This creates connection from your spirit to the infinite world of spiritual love and light energy. There is so much abundance and so much love waiting to be offered to us, and all we need to do is believe it, want it, ask for it, and then do our part in staying in faith and belief. Often times having faith and believing is the hardest part of the equation – we stop our own ability to receive it with our ego mind.

The fact is, our egos will always use logic or negate that miracles are possible or that they have actually occurred. It wants to sit in a logical reality in order to feel that 2+2 = 4, always. It fears looking outside the box, judges people who do see the miracles in their life, and oftentimes find it irritating. Truth is - most humans live in fear and attach themselves to logic until they are in a really tough bind. Then, they go through an extremely difficult time in their life where they are almost forced, with no other option, to seek something higher than them for help. In my experience, this is the common theme of how people first began to open up their mind and hearts to a spiritual outlook in life. However, through this journey, they gain the strength to survive, and their beliefs become stronger and refined. During this time is where they gain the leverage and knowledge to live in this optimal state of spiritual synchronicity.

Therefore, the joy and peace that come with living in this high frequency state is something that all individuals deserve and can attain. If that resonates with you then a part of you knows this to be true and believes it can be true for you! Keep believing this as I am confirming it to you. You are on your way to a better and better life!

For those of you that think this is unrealistic because life has been difficult -you have lived through and seen too many horror stories for this to be true, then please, go out on a limb, for your own sake and trust this process. The opposition, let’s call it the darkness, has crept in and created these mental and spiritual blocks, and these blocks can be removed with a little work (see Spiritual Alignment). Many patients in the past who lived under this dark cloud have said things like "bad stuff happens to me all the car doesn’t start, I lost my job, my cat died, and my mom is now sick." I even often hear "I'm just an unlucky person." Well, I say, let's change that! Working with energy and shifting belief systems, those patients that had blocks have turned things around. They found their dream job, got promoted, found the love of their life, and countless other good things that they begin to recognize and be grateful for. They begin living in a space of gratitude with an open knowledge that a higher power exists and wants the best for them. They tell me they had previously lost their faith in anything bigger than themselves, and they felt lost and alone, only now to experience a true belief in a divine higher power and a greater sense of joy and confidence that they cannot even express what a world of a difference the energy healing has done for them.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of moving toward a life of divine frequency and synchronicity, it’s a matter of recognizing when it happens, thanking it, and asking for more of what you want so that these wonderful and seemingly serendipitous moments can keep boosting your happy button with helping you hit higher levels of joy, peace, and personal satisfaction in meeting landmark goals in life. All of the answers are out there, and all of the help we need is out there.

The wellness center that I began over 10 years ago was, is, and always will be a conduit for those seeking healing, joy, and a stronger faith in reaching their highest potential and calling in this life. That can be as simple as being the best mom or real estate agent they can be, or experiencing true love, finding a passion for work, or finding their true calling in life. Whatever it is, I know that it’s a search for meaning and truth, as well as living out one’s true identity. That’s why the Wellness Center motto is “healing to the core.” This identifies healing as a removing and clearing to get back to the true self, which the core of who are and always have been: an amazing, creative and loving soul, which, in this life is using the human experience to learn and grow through many spiritual truths.

Some of these spiritual truths are:

1) We are unconditionally loved by a higher power

2) We are not alone on this earth

3) We are the co-creators of our life

4) We are powerful beyond measure

5) Love should be the number one ingredient

6) You are what you think you are

7) You can do what you believe you can do

8) Divine synchronicity is available to those who believe it is available and use it to their advantage

9) Feeling stuck, ill, wounded, or low is the perfect opportunity to practice these spiritual truths

10) Everyone is entitled to deserve love, joy, and peace

If you're living under a dark cloud, it can be lifted. If you think only bad things happen to you, or that you're not worthy of having good things happen to you in life - let us prove these belief systems wrong, together! You are worthy to be happy and shine.

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