Healing Trauma - A Journey to the Core

For the most part, we were pretty perfect when we were born. We probably didn't come out of the womb crying because everything hurt, or we had diverticulitis. The pain, problems, and dis-ease usually come later in life, after we have gone through some tough experiences. If you are wondering why you've been diagnosed with something problematic or are suffering with symptoms that are less than pleasant, it's time to look deeper. When I say deeper, I mean beyond medications and/or surgery. Your body is speaking to you through symptoms, so when you begin to listen to what it is trying to tell you -you can not only heal the problem naturally, you become better than before you had the problem.

Even through the simplest things like a frequent common colds, a chronic cough, or higher than normal blood pressure...your body speaks. It might be telling you that your frequent colds are actually from anxiety causing your immune system to be lowered, and that anxiety is coming from a life stressor that needs to be treated. A chronic cough might be there because of unresolved grief and trauma of a loved one who passed away. And that higher than normal blood pressure could be due to unresolved anger that has been partly inherited from your dad's side for 13 generations and partly because you also hold resentment because of the abuse you endured by your dad as a child.

You might be thinking, "I don't know how to listen to my body or even know what it's trying to tell me!" And that is okay, that's where our expertise comes in to play. We are here to help provide the support you need to move toward and into a natural healing journey while you become more connected to your mind, body, spirit, and intuition. With our Spiritual Alignment work, we can remove traumas and negative emotions so that living energy in your body that is not serving you for your highest and best can be released once and for all. Our cells have a memory, so things that you may have been talked over endlessly with a therapist may still be sitting with you in the subconscious, unconscious, or cellular level. With our Angel's Touch work, our hands become the conduit for your body to express and release these emotions -emotions that no longer serve you for your highest and best good -so you can therefore heal. Both of these energy healing modalities that we offer are painless, easy, full of God's grace, and divinely miraculous.

If you're struggling with something in your body, or you feel disconnected to your body, we work with our patients in the following ways:

1) We get to know you with no judgement, just unconditional love.

2) We provide a safe and sacred space for you to heal with many different Energy Healing Modalities in our toolbox.

3) We intuitively guide you on your healing journey, holding your hand when you need us every step of the way.

4) We coach and mentor you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to achieve ultimate freedom, peace, and joy that you very much deserve.

5) We guide you to your highest potential in all areas of health and healing including nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle.

6) We cherish your successes and support you as you find your way.

To me, this is what "Doctoring" truly means -to teach, to support, to help, to guide, to heal and to love unconditionally, without judgement. Each person in this life will or has experienced trauma at some level. The goal is to help remove that trauma and any past baggage that comes along with it, allowing the soul and body to go back to the core -a divine and beautiful soul that is full of love and joy.

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