How Does Fear Affect My Health?

The past year, our world has become completely transformed due to a global pandemic. As crazy as things have been, the reality is even with a normal climate, humans deal with an even bigger pandemic. The pandemic I am speaking about is FEAR - fear is truly the biggest pandemic we have in this world. It spreads from person to person, runs rampant in small groups, or can even infect an entire society.

With that, fear can be an inherited or a learned behavior, and is an energy that is usually absorbed instantaneously. It can have a huge and crippling effect on our minds, emotions, and our health. Fear is sneaky, as it can start as a single thought, and if we play host to it and linger on it - it will spread. It will start taking up more dominion in the mind and then starts to trickle into all other areas of the body. The energy of fear vibrates at such a low and harmful frequency that it drives the cells and systems into havoc. Research has found that fear causes anxiety, anxiety then cascades into the nervous system. Once the nervous system becomes in a constant heightened-state, it starts draining energy from the immune system and slowing down other systems in the body. Before we know it, high amounts of stress, panic attacks, social phobias, and even OCD symptoms take over. Once the mind and body are in this low state, it is common to receive a diagnosis for IBS or Fibromyalgia. Over time and with more difficult experiences coming up in life, the build-up becomes too much on the system. Now, the diagnoses is one of cancer, heart disease, or an autoimmune disorder. At this point, the body is screaming loudly- "Enough is Enough!"

Hence, all the original fear wanted was acknowledgement and attention to clear the emotion. The mind craved feeling safe and nurtured, needed comforting words, a hug, a mentor, or somebody to ensure everything is going to be okay. Instead, pride swallowed it, kept it inside, didn't know how to deal with it, until it grew bigger and bigger to where it is today - something that steals so much peace and joy. The good news is, it's never too late to address these fears, and the even better news is -these fears aren't as scary as we think they are and can be overcome.

It's high time we learn to deal with our fears and face them head on. Fears from the past, fears from the present, and even fears of the future. With proper techniques, all fear can be cleared from the subconscious and unconscious mind. Frequencies can be raised to eliminate fear on a cellular level -helping the mental, emotional, and physical state. Life can be happy and peaceful -the way it is meant to be lived.

Living with fear is not the norm. Do not give in to allowing it to infect your life or keep you from living your life a certain way. Fears are the very obstacles we came in to this life to face, it's time to bring those fears to the surface and let them go, once and for all. We have all the necessary tools to help make that shift - instantly!

Reach out for a free consultation to see how we can best address your fears. Follow our well developed plan to shift your life into one that you are back in control of. Not ready for a full program? Click the link to book a treatment of Acupuncture, Spiritual Alignment, Angel's Touch, or an Emotional Reset to get started on the path to healing.

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