I Have A Diagnosis... Now What?

Many people are in search of a diagnosis for many types of ailments. They know something abnormal is happening with their body, and so begins a hunt through Google searches, doctor visits, and lab tests. With the rapid advancement of technology in Western medicine (labs, pharmaceuticals, scanning and imaging) and access to resources right at our fingertips via the internet, we are blessed to have so much information and support available to us. It may take anywhere from days to months to get a diagnosis but, eventually, it will come.

There are times when a diagnosis is specific. Diabetes, unbalanced hormones, or some forms of cancer in the body can show up through quick routine work. However, other diagnoses may be inconclusive. There may be symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's, or Multiple Sclerosis without having the exact markers for those showing up in blood work. Infertility could continue to be unexplained, or labs can come back clean even as digestion problems abound. So, after all those hours of searching and waiting and wondering, when there is finally a diagnosis in hand - what happens next?

The first thing to remember is that a diagnosis is knowledge, and knowledge is power, regardless of how much or how little information is provided. A diagnosis is not a suppressive label that is unremovable, nor is it something that defines the trajectory of health. A diagnosis simply says that there is something in the body that needs to be cured, and once given, can be acted on through more research, second opinions, and alternative healing options.

Chinese medicine and natural forms of energy work can open up a world of healing resources beyond surgery and medication. These alternate forms of healing can help explain the why and how of a diagnosis past clinical jargon, focusing on mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing that Western medicine doesn’t prioritize in its healing practices. The truth is, surgery and medications have only been a part of our society for the past century, while natural medicine like supplements, energy healing, and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years. To have one without the other is counterintuitive. When we opt for surgery or medications as the only resource we have, we are cutting ourselves short. We have the power to restore our health and vitality naturally with non-invasive techniques. Although this may seem daunting, natural healing is a gentle process that takes daily steps to move toward wellness. Natural healing helps to create a healthy lifestyle rather than patching up symptoms with quick fixes. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? Our bodies are just as complex as a working city, and it takes time and effort to heal and maintain them.

After an initial diagnosis, health and wellness becomes largely a mental battle as the body mends. Keeping the mind living in hope is a crucial step in a journey toward wellness. When the mind is fragile and overcome with fear, the body follows suit. If we internalize a diagnosis as something that defines us, it limits the ability to grow from an experience society deems negative. We need to consciously decide not to focus on the diagnosis, but rather how to solve the problems that caused it. The same is also the case with life expectancy predictions from a doctor. Giving an expiration on life can inhibit our ability to heal from the diagnosis. This actually happened to my mother. She was given one month to live and she died almost to the day. I want to help lessen or even eradicate the fear of receiving a diagnosis by changing our perspective from fear to gratitude.

So how can we have gratitude while living with negative symptoms and receiving a diagnosis that can shake our world and change it forever? We can start by considering disease as merely the lack of balance and wellness in the body. Something needs to change, shift, or heal in our lives to achieve a higher purpose and awareness, and symptoms are the nudges that cause action. The best case scenario is recognizing the symptoms and doing something about them before they become a full-blown disease. But when there is a specific diagnosis given, we can choose to heed this message from our body instead of feeling hopeless or resigned. Remember, the body is not something to fight or wrestle into submission. The body is a friend who is trying to help us move in the right direction and shift trajectories in life. If we heed the message and allow the body to heal, we can find ourselves with a much better outlook than we originally thought.

Our bodies are miracle machines that can reverse the effects of many different types of disease. Having heartfelt gratitude and a spiritual outlook for a diagnosis can help us recognize the blessings and rewards of living a better life. Surgery and medication may be a part of the journey toward wellness, but they do not have to be with us for the entire duration of it.

Once there is a diagnosis, here are the steps I recommend taking:

1) Take everything with a grain of salt - that salt being hope and gratitude. Ask, how is this supposed to grow me? What is this health challenge trying to help me do or see differently? This will allow us to start the healing process with a positive mindset.

2) Dig deeper to try and understand why the mind, body, and spirit have been unwell and what specifically needs attention.

3) Seek out alternative health options like diet, counseling, exercise, acupuncture, supplements, and energy healing.

4) Remember, it is ultimately your choice to decide what your path of wellness will look like.

Just because there may be a disease diagnosis, we do not need to succumb to the idea that surgery is the only fix, or that medication will now be a part of life. Surgeries aren't always necessary and medications are here to help us temporarily, if at all. Most issues in the body can be healed naturally, but the miracles of healing will not work as effectively as they can if we aren't open to overcoming those illnesses. Where the mind goes, the body will follow. Words are intentions, and when we can speak positively about healing and the outlook of a diagnosis, we are giving ourselves a much better chance at overcoming it. My hope is when seeking a diagnosis, we do everything with a grain of salt. No matter what the answer is, everyone has to do the work to heal and balance their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Here at Angela Kung Wellness Center, we offer many forms of healing, from acupuncture to yoga nidra, targeting ailments ranging from anxiety to arthritis to infertility and so much more! Whether you have a diagnosis you are trying to heal or if you are simply looking to elevate your life, our center can offer you peace, relaxation, and wellbeing!

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