The Power of Angel's Touch: Learn more about how Reiki can change your life.

Reiki is one of the most powerful modalities of energy work currently practiced. Brought to the United States from Japan through Hawaii, it helps balance chakras and the auric field by manipulating the energies both inside and around the body. This means practitioners can offer a deep, hands-on experience, which is incredible for helping heal injuries in the body, or they can go as light-handed as possible -meaning that you do not even need to be in the same room, city, or even state to receive a Reiki treatment from a master professional.

Intention is the key to an amazing Reiki session, so it is very important that every practitioner takes the time to get to know who they are working on and the motivations behind the pursuit of energy healing. Intention will allow the practitioner to help release old, dark energies that may be lingering in the body and aura that cause pain, inflammation, or stiffness as well as emotional baggage. When both practitioner and patient have an aligned intention, the healing that can happen can be miraculous.

There are many modalities and practitioners around the world that participate in energy healing, as well as many different types of body work, from deep tissue massage to light-handed Reiki and body stretching polarity work. Our Signature Angel's Touch is not like any other type of body work you have seen before. We use a large combination of modalities that are unique to our highly trained practitioners, which makes every session specific, individualized ...exactly what your mind and body need at the time of your visit with us. Just one session can bring you a miraculous awakening, a truly transformational breakthrough, and expedite your healing journey. This work will help you feel your best and find your core purpose, as well as innermost joy.

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