The Skinny On Angel Detox Wraps, Release Supplement, And The Cons of Cool Sculpting

Angel Detox Wrap

This unique and amazing body wrap may be used for two reasons: for inch loss and diminishing cellulite, or for detoxification and lymphatic cleansing. The Angel Detox Wrap is an all-natural holistic approach to body contouring that has been helping people lose cellulite, inches, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins and waste materials from the skin, tissue, and fat cells. The wrap uses circulation and gentle pressure to flush toxins and waste from the system through internal detoxification of the body. Stored toxins are permanently removed from the cellular level through the circulatory and lymphatic systems. This creates a permanent inch loss, tightens, tones and nourishes the skin, contours the soft areas of the body, and improves general health.

When done in a series, maximum results are achieved. A series of three to six Angel Detox Wraps are recommended with four to seven days between each wrap. Many people who go on a diet or exercise plan lose weight and experience loose and saggy skin. For this we recommend an Angel Wrap every seven pounds that you lose - simply because your skin needs to be tightened and toned immediately. The wraps will also get rid of stuck toxins stored in the body, so you lose even more inches.

You may have one body wrap every three to four days given by a technician that has been certified in Detoxification Wrapping. Remember – wraps should never be performed on one who is pregnant, nursing or if one has not been in remission from cancer for two years or more. Body wraps are extremely relaxing, especially when paired with a facial. After being wrapped, you are laying down for 50 minutes. During this time, you may sleep, listen to music, or have a facial.

Release Supplement

This formula is designed to control carbohydrate digestion and expedite the processing of carbs before they are stored as fat. This is a supplement that supports you in metabolizing fats easier while burning calories and reducing appetite all while providing a rich source of fiber to improve digestive health. Besides helping eliminate the belly fat, Release will help increase endorphins to promote a healthy mental state. Although this product was designed to help target unwanted pounds, it goes exponentially deeper by allowing your body to heal and release unnecessary energy that no longer serves you for your highest and best on all levels.

The Cons of Cool Sculpting

Cold/Cool Sculpting is all the hype as "the next best thing to get skinny quick." Although it sounds great - the biggest issue with the Cool/Cold Sculpting processes is the fact that it breaks down and permanently damages the tissue. Killing healthy tissue cells prevents the body from signaling to new cells properly. This causes the inability to store fat correctly in these frozen areas and forces the fat into other parts of the body causing unwanted misshaped body areas. Another serious side effect of Cool/Cold Sculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This means the fat cells in the treatment site grow larger rather than smaller; it may not be a serious medical side effect but one of the most concerning nonetheless as it counteracts the very reason one would want to use this treatment. In addition, cryo-lypo is painful and can cause unwanted scaring, bruising, long term deformation of the area, and pain for weeks after treatment. Be cautious and informed when it comes to side effects from quick fixes to fat removal and release. Unfortunately for every "next best thing" out there that promises something quickly, you can imagine that there will generally be some negative side effects that are not yet researched or studied for long enough to be widely known until it's too late.


We must approach healing and weight loss the right way, even if it takes more time and effort on our part. Yes, we all know that when things are done right it usually takes more time and there are no 'quick fixes'. However, taking the time to utilize the body's

healing power properly, and heal from the inside out - creates a lifetime of results. Our bodies are beautiful creations that will thrive when given the proper ingredients. Let our team help provide those ingredients, guide you through the journey to release both mentally and physically, and help you obtain the optimum you.

Love your body and it will love you back!

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