Voice Your Way to Health

Our voice is our main instrument of self expression. It is a vehicle to address needs and speak truth. Oftentimes, I find that patients who struggle with health issues have issues with authentically using their voice. Instead, they will hold in their emotions and their truth inside, usually for fear of creating waves or not wanting to disrupt and anger those around them. These patients tend to have lower self esteem, which leaves them to feel that their voice and needs are not as important to address as others. Some have faced trauma in the past -where speaking their voice was punishable or they were shunned or shamed for it.

However, the consequences of not speaking one’s voice can be devastating to one’s health and ability to have healthy relationships. It can lead to physical, mental, and emotional health issues like depression, thyroid imbalance, addictions, autoimmune issues, sleep disturbance, weight gain, gastrointestinal issues and much more. It can lead to issues at home and in the work place such as fear, anxiety, victimization through abuse or being bullied, and dissatisfaction or resentments of others and the situations they face around them. Social situations and friendships can suffer, which leads to trouble thriving due to poor communication and fear of speaking up. Unfortunately, not using your voice can also lead to marital and other relationship issues causing resentments, poor communication, and divorce.

So how do we heal? Think of it this way, if a river is damned, the energy of the water gets stuck and cannot pass through. This causes unhealthy buildup and strain. The same thing happens in the body when the voice is not expressed It takes work to open those lines of communication, to feel confidence and joy to be able to communicate effectively. No matter how much trauma one has gone through to cause these issues, (even when it's through no fault of their own), each individual is responsible for speaking their own voice. To do so, each person must overcome and clear their traumas, balance their energy, and re-engage their authentic self and voice with strength, confidence, and conviction. First of all, one must get in touch with one’s true emotions. Second, they must be able to freely express them which is not an easy thing to do. Passive aggressiveness wouldn’t exist if it was easy! There are so many complex emotions, belief systems, and traumas that affect our ability to communicate and use our voice.

It is also extremely important that one learns preservation and revitalization of their spiritual and physical health. The amazing thing is, even when no words are said, the strength of one's voice is apparent. When the spirit is strongly connected to their true voice and their voice becomes aligned with their heart and mind, it manifests energetically within and around that person. Situations and environments shift to accommodate their new energy. They are no longer victimized, bullied, or fearful. So finding one's voice is not only physically healing, it is emotional, spiritual and life altering.

Furthermore, it is important to remember our voice is not only expressed through speaking -it is expressed through art, writing, dancing, sports, acting, painting, sign language, hugs, etc. All are wonderful outlets to express the heart and soul. If we can take time to do something we love, the energy of healing will flow.

If you are struggling to speak your truth, to say what you mean, and use your voice to empower yourself, then it’s time to address the underlying issues involved. Countless rewards and blessings can be attained through coming out of your shell, changing how you’ve always dealt with things, and making a decision to become free.

Energy healing and acupuncture is an amazing way to release those blockages, let go of trauma, and begin living a new normal with guidance, love, and healing support. It’s time to own our voice and use it for the betterment of our lives.

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