Essentials oils infiltrate our treatments and the entire office. Learn more about how essential oils are incredibly healing and how they can work for you.

  • Included in Signature Acupuncture & Available for Purchase.

Aromatherapy Session

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1 Fluid ounce
  • We are happy to bring you the highest quality aromatherapy from Young Living Essential Oils. Feel and breathe in the healing essence of relaxing oil blends during your treatments and purchase your favorites directly from our office for an unbeatable price!

    We offer our patients in-person (or online) classes to help you to better understand how incorporating oils into your daily routine can make profound changes in your body, optimize your vitality, and promote a more consistent state of emotional well-being.

    You also have the opportunity to purchase a Premium Starter Kit from our office which includes an extensive full-body wellness scan (iTovi scan) along with a personal usage plan, all for an exclusive rate.