$69 / 30 min

Needle-less, quick and profound energy grounding and reset for any age, this clears stress with essential oils massage and ear seeds that are essentially acupuncture-to-go that can last up to a week.  

Additional $3 for each Swarovski Crystal Ear Seed Upgrade

Emotional Reset

  • Auriculotherapy using ear seeds taped on acupressure points is a wonderful non-invasive way for patients to feel relief from pain, stress, anxiety, migraines, sleep disorders, allergies and more.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you receive angelic hands massaging your head, ears, neck, shoulders, and hands. The use of several hand picked essential oils specifically for your energetic needs will evaporate your tension and take you to pure bliss.

    Afterwards, multiple ear seeds may be place at a time, and you can upgrade with our beautiful Swarovski Crystals with Gold-Plated Pellets for only $3 each to sparkle for up to a week.

    You'll have quiet time to continue breathing, detoxing stress, and reviving your energy so that when you do get up to leave, you'll feel magically reset and grounded to tackle your day on a better footing and balance.