This service is a wonderful way to lovingly and comfortably introduce your children to the natural healing effects of acupuncture.  Whether they suffer from sleep disorders, digestive issues, or struggle with ADHD, your child can benefit in more ways than one.  From their first session to becoming a veteran of acupuncture, your child will be treated with care and intuition.  Massage and acupressure may be needed to relax your child and acupuncture introduced at the right time.  Pediatric needles are used for painless insertion.  Their treatment may also include one or more of these modalities: 


*Gua Sha (scraping) 


*Young Living Essential Oils / Aromatherapy 

*Angel's Touch Massage 

*Tui-Na (Chinese massage)   

Moxibustion (Moxa)

 *Ear Seeds (Ariculotherapy)





*Hot Towels


First treatment $225* every additional treatment $175

Pediatric Signature Acupuncture