$125 / 25 min
$250 / 50 min
$375 / 80 min

Our Signature Angel's Touch Massage is transformational, allowing your body to unravel deep rooted tension, emtions, and trauma that rekindle you to your core.  Treatments have helped many to avoid surgery, regain their spinal and functional health, create emotional stabiity again, and shift the nervous system to a smoother function in the parasympathetic state.  It is usually felt as a physical release that can also be described as an emotional and spiritual detox, allowing your organs to come back to a more optimal state of wellness.   

Signature Angel's Touch Massage

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  • Our Signature Angel's Touch bodywork session will help you release heavy and dark energies that no longer serve you in your highest good. Feel physcially, emotionally, and spiritually aligned and remove pain from this combination of angel work, massage, chakra aligning, Reiki, craniosacral therapy, emotional clearing, grounding, qi gong energy healing, hypnotic meditation and awakening that will leave you feeling like you had a transformational breakthrough. This work helps you to feel your best and find your core purpose as well as innermost joy.