$125 / 30 minutes
$250 / 60 minutes

Angela's Spiritual Alignment session is unlike anything you've experienced and it will expedite and expand your healing journey.

Spiritual Alignment

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  • If you feel like traditional talk therapy is not working, or you feel drained, stuck, or lost with no true change happening, this is perfect for you. Spiritual Alignment encourages transformational energy shifts in the celluar and subconscious levels, giving you the body, mind and spirit healing that can be instant.  Modalities such as Theta Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Divine Energetics, Spiritual Counseling, Breathwork, Meditation, Imagery Work, Muscle Testing, and more will be used to help find and remove energy blocks that may come in the form of trauma, trapped emotions, negative belief systems, misalignments in the body, generational patterns and more. Have your session in our office or from anywhere in the world using Zoom or phone call. All sessions are unique to your individual needs, and might leave you in disbelief and wanting more true change. Transformational change has been life-changing with hard to treat medical conditions, any kind of pain condition, and PTSD related consequences.