Image by Mourad Saadi

sunmin park

Most of my childhood memories are in the hospital. As a physically weak child, I struggled with my health. But during that time, my heart grew deeper and deeper in compassion and empathy for others. God may not have given me perfect health, but He did give me the opportunity to refine my gifts of compassion and empathy, and for loving and healing. My desire has never been to become an MD, but always to become who I am today, an acupuncturist and provider of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because this medicine has saved my life, I have studied extensively, even moved my life to China, to receive the ultimate training and develop the knowledge and talents needed to share with my patients. I love hearing my patients' stories and guiding them to better their health and well-being. To my patients I want to say thank you for sharing and giving me an opportunity to be there for you!