Understanding of Proper Immune System Function and Implementation of Preventative Medicine Eliminates Virus Fears in the OC
August 6, 2020 at 7:00 AM
by Angela KungCEO, Owner, L.Ac, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Motivational Speaker
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As we move into a new era that is full of fears and unknowns, I’d like to instead talk about the things that we DO know...

We know that we have to take our health matters into our own hands. We know that we have to seek out professionals that we trust to guide us in the right direction. We know that taking an abundance of medications can damage our health in the long term. We know that it’s time, now more than ever, to keep our immune systems functioning at optimal levels.

But how, you ask? Let me share some insight:

Our immune systems are a complex functioning of many systems working together. In fact, our immune system is connected to everything about us. If we have any physical pain or emotional problems, our immune system is compromised. If we are stressed and drinking lots of caffeine, our immune system is compromised. If we aren’t sleeping well or angry at our boss, our immune system is compromised. Let’s face it, what doesn’t affect our immune system? So how might we keep our immune systems functioning at a higher frequency? We, as a whole person, must function at a higher frequency.

Did you know that every thought and emotion will affect our frequency and consequently our immune system? Most of us know that our lifestyle of eating, sleeping, and exercise habits will affect it. More on that later. But did you know that if you think negative thoughts or have negative emotions, it will also negatively impact our ability to fend off pathogens and stay well? If you understand quantum physics, then this will be easy for you. But those who do not, the short of it is, we are composed of space and energy. If you really look at us microscopically, we are mainly all space. For example if you look at a table, it looks like a dense piece of wood, something that you can hold. But if you look at it down to the atom, it’s literally space with electrons surrounding a teeny tiny nucleus. Amazing right? I don’t want to lose you here! Please keep reading, it gets better!

So if we are mainly space, it’s energy that truly fills us, not necessarily organ material or muscles. If we go deeper than that, we are energy. That energy is either of high frequency - something that is like water being boiled and evaporating, therefore turning into space, or it is of low frequency, like a rock where it’s electrons are moving very, very slowly. Gratitude is a high frequency. So is Love. Hate is a low frequency. Shame is even lower. The negative emotions will cause health problems because the body thrives in a higher frequency state. For example, we can attribute this to eating and drinking living food and water versus dead food and water. Take a pond for instance that is not moving and has developed parasites. This water is not healthy. A river that is flowing well is healthy. Now look into our bodies at the circulatory system for example. Many of us say oh, my circulation is bad, or my lymph is not draining. This is similar to the pond. It’s stagnant and not moving, and therefore creates disease. We all want to move into a higher frequency state, and EVERYTHING affects it. Here are some things I do with my patients to help them shift into higher frequencies.

  1. Improve their perception of themselves (self-image) and the world.
  2. Remove baggage (unforgiveness) and clear traumas
  3. Shift unhealthy relationships patterns by making internal shifts
  4. Begin to attract what they want rather than what they don’t want in life
  5. Clearing negative energies such as evil spirits, negative emotions, unhealthy relationship cords, parasites, and more.
  6. Remove blocks to enable lifestyle changes that allow for better nutrition, improved sleep, increased awareness and clarity, and internal joy and peace
  7. Create space to increase opportunities and invite goals and dreams to happen.

It is your right to live your life at your highest potential. Due to the opposition we face here on this earth, your journey to achieving that higher state of being takes work. But the good news is, you are not alone! And I have the tools to help you achieve this in an expedited fashion.

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