Ear Seeds and Auriculotherapy in Mission Viejo
June 30, 2020 at 10:30 PM
This is a picture of a woman who will receive ear seeds at Angela Kung Acupuncture and Wellness Center in Mission Viejo, CA.

For those looking to explore holistic wellness in Mission Viejo, ear seeds are a wonderful way to experience auriculotherapy and acupuncture. Similar to acupuncture, ear seeding uses pressure points along the body’s meridians to get rid of energetic blockages. According to traditional Chinese medicine, resolving these energetic blockages can help with parasympathetic relaxation of the nervous system, emotional clearing, and other physical and mental conditions.

How Does It Work?

While acupuncture uses needles, ear seeding, or auriculotherapy as it is also known, only uses pressure without piercing the skin. Like the foot, the ear is one of several mapping systems that exist in traditional Chinese medicine and it reflects the body and organ system. Placing the seeds on specific areas on the outside of the ear and tapping them stimulates the acupressure points and can provide relief from pain, anxiety, and several other ailments. We carry several types of seeds, including gorgeous Swarovski crystals and 24 karat gold pellets that look and feel great!

Using tweezers, our acupressure specialist will place the ear seeds onto your ear. After the seeds are applied to your ear, massage them several times a day or when symptoms, for example, a migraine or pain, present themselves.

Is It Safe?

Ear seeds and auriculotherapy are gentle, non-invasive ways for patients to try acupressure as a means of relieving several issues, such as migraines, sleep disorders, pain management, and could be the right solution for you! They are painless and can provide quick relief to those who choose to try them. You will feel a slight pressure when the seed is placed on your ear and as you tap it throughout the day. The tapping will activate the acupressure points and bring emotional, physical, and mental relief. The seeds last several days and new ones can be applied as needed. The seed is placed on the outside part of the ear and never inside the actual ear canal. Depending on your needs, one or several ear seeds will be placed on the meridian points of the ear. Different points are responsible for different outcomes, so where the seeds are placed hinges on what you require help with.

How Long Do Ear Seeds Last?

Ear seeds will come off on their own after two to five days. After five days, it’s recommended that you gently remove them yourself using tweezers. Take care to make sure they don’t fall into the ear canal by tilting your ear to the floor when removing them.

How Do I Know if Ear Seeds Are Right for Me?

Whether you suffer from pain, anxiety, emotional stress, or sleep disorders, ear seeds can bring relief and balance the qi energy of your body. Our experts can identify the specific areas of the ear that correspond with your ailment and apply the correct amount of ear seeds to each ear.

As our community of Mission Viejo, CA grows its interest in a holistic approach to health, ear seeds can be a non-intrusive way on the path to health.

How Do I Get Started?

When you come into our wellness center we will discuss your goals and make recommendations based on your needs. Ear seeds can be a standalone treatment or as a part of a more extensive acupuncture or acupressure visit. Book an appointment with us or give us a call and find out if auriculotherapy and ear seeds are right for you. We will discuss your health needs and recommend appropriate treatment. Often ear seeds are used jointly with other holistic treatments such as our signature Angel’s touch treatment, aromatherapy, and traditional acupuncture as part of a complete transformational session at our center.